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Asked a question 7 months ago

We might be moving again! In light of the GENX beta, we're changing things up. What do you like?

Chloe Advani 2
I've seen most pet websites with "co"
Chloe Advani Cooper's Friend
do cc idk there r too many with co and the others r wierd tbh
Pettagram Support Pettagram Team
Chloe Advani 2 True; in a JTLR breakup of stats, 90% of pet websites use .com which for Pettagram is not available
Cooper Talwar
Chloe Advani we intended to swap to a common namespace and a short one out of which all the available options above suit our needs! Our team is leaning to .me or .co. We can add some more options!
Pettagram Pettagram Team
Final 3 hours! Our team is ready to get .co!
Pettagram Pettagram Team
DONE! We're moving to .co within 48 hours.

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